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Bowing Humbly Before Our God Most High

Isaiah 6:1 - In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple.  Isaiah’s encounter with God offered a powerful starting point for his ministry.

The opportunity to gaze into Isaiah’s encounter with the living God offers us a profound privilege. We love thinking about God’s nearness and the intimate relationship we enjoy with Him. He is Immanuel-the God who came near to us. He remains actively present in our everyday lives. When we pray in Jesus’ name, God listens and acts on our behalf. As God’s beloved children, He inclines His heart and ear to us with lavish compassion and grace.

We do not think as often about God’s transcendence – that He is utterly set apart from us in inexpressible ways. When Isaiah witnessed a vision of God in His glory, he did not seize the chance to voice his list of questions or complaints.  Instead, in an instant and almost instinctive response, Isaiah bowed low – painfully aware of the gulf that separated him from God. His glimpse of God’s exalted holiness brought the realization that he was a man with tainted lips who lived among similarly flawed people. Seeing our heavenly Father as infinitely exalted above us provides a necessary foundation to fully appreciate what God has done on our behalf. God bridged the chasm that separated us by sending His Son in the flesh to die a painful death to overcome death’s stranglehold on us.

We are not God’s equal in anyway. To see God as a friend or force we can take or leave as a matter of convenience or choice misrepresents undeniable truth. If we fail to recognize God’s supremely exalted place over us, our view of ourselves remains corrupted. Without understanding God’s transcendence, we remain clueless about the inexpressible wonder of His nearness.

Many things about God should leave us speechless and undone, like Isaiah. The more deeply we understand who God truly is, the more wonderful and shocking His tender love becomes. The God who stands infinitely beyond us in everyway longs to draw us close. Can you believe that? He loves us too much to ignore the gap between us. The Father demonstrates His barrier-breaking love in the amazing sacrifice of His Son. God came near to us so that we could draw near to Him. The holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty loves us with an everlasting love. Will you rejoice that God made a way to cleanse you? He sends His people out to tell the world who He truly is. May a fresh sense of wonder and worship fill us as we ponder the majesty and mercy of our exalted God!

Isaiah 6:8 – The Lord Himself asked Isaiah a question, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? Here am I. Send me! Was Isaiah’s answer.  When you hear God call will you answer “Here am I. Send me!

Soror Joan Roberts-Scott

Prayer Corner

Sorors, please continue to lift the following sorors and their families up in fervent prayer:

  • Soror Adrienne Thrasher as she recovers from knee surgery;
  • Soror Patricia Shorter and family on the loss of her Mother-in-Law, Soror Claudine B. Shorter, "Mama Claudine;"
  • Soror La'Kisha Crenshaw and Soror Antonia Crenshaw for father and grandfather, complete recovery;
  • Soror Kimily Johnson for the loss of her Mother, Soror Frances Jones Harris.;
  • Soror KeShana Odoms for the loss of her Grandmother and Stepfather;
  • Soror Estella Akins who is experiencing some health challenges. She is residing in Houston with her daughter, Soror Dianne Akins Iglehart;
  • Soror Cassandra Ringer for health and healing; Soror Kerri Lang for health and healing;
  • and Soror Sandra "FeFe" McCrary-Marshall for recovery from health procedure and continued health and healing.
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