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Somebody's Waiting On You

Have you ever received something then realized you had been waiting for it?  It's exactly what you needed.

Several days ago I went to HEB to pick up some items. I was already tired when I got there. One item I wanted had a digital coupon. I tried to scan the coupon with the app, but it didn't work. Frustrated, I took a picture of the tag.   When I reached the register, the clerk asked me if I needed bags.

“Yes.”  Then in my head, “Uggg. HEB – Austin…take me back to Pflugerville.” I forgot about Austin’s plastic bag policy, although the store is about to sell me…a plastic bag.

“How many bags do you need?”

“I don’t know.  Can’t you just ring them up as you go?”

“No ma’am.  We have to ring the bags up first.  I will start with two.”

“Ok,” I said, trying to keep my frustration in check.  It was finally time to pay.  I pulled up the app and the clerk scanned the digital coupons.  Then I showed her the picture of the one that didn’t scan.

  “I can’t use that,” she said. “But I can show you how to look up the product in the app.”

Now I am on full tilt frustration.  Your app is not working, you can’t use the picture, and you want me to take the time to look it up. No. I’m done.  She was truly trying to be helpful. But I was done.

“It’s ok.  There are people in line behind me and my sister is waiting on me.  Let me just pay (and go).”

I walked out to the car, rehearsing in my head all the little things that were frustrating.  After unloading the groceries, I took the cart to the return area.  A lady who was also returning her cart, got there a few seconds before me.  As she turned to go to her car, she said, “Have a blessed day.” Instantly, the switch flipped.   I remembered how blessed I am. That lady was an angel unaware who blessed me with her words. Those four words elevated my attitude, reset my mind, and allowed me to move forward in a positive light.  I had been waiting on her and didn’t know it.

Matthew 5 informs and reminds us: You are the light of the world.  Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  As members of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated, we have a torch.  We have so many gifts and multiple avenues in which to share them.  We can’t afford to sit on our gifts or hide them or wait until next year to use them.  The time is now.  Somebody is waiting on us.

People are waiting on you to change the trajectory of their lives and they don’t even know it.  But you do.  Be that angel unaware. Let the Delta Symbol become a reality in someone’s life, a true change agent. Glorify God through this Christian principled sisterhood by serving the community.  Let your light shine and change someone’s day, someone’s trajectory, someone’s life.

Soror Dedurie Kirk

Prayer Corner

Sorors, please continue to lift the following sorors and their families up in fervent prayer:

  • Soror Kimily Johnson and family for the loss of her aunt Soror Elvira Harris Montgomery
  • Soror Pamela Hall and family. Her mother is ill and currently hospitalized
  • Soror Celeste Williams and family. Her aunt’s recent passing; and her cousin who was admitted to the hospital
  • Soror Del Jester and family for the passing of of her sister
  • Soror Lenora Waters and family for the passing of her brother
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